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sleep and pain

The Connection Between Sleep & Chronic Pain

December 14, 2021

You’re in pain, so you get anxious that you won’t be able to sleep. You sleep poorly, so you wake up feeling tired and depressed. When you feel bad, it

anti-inflammatory foods

Foods to Eat & Avoid for Pain Flare-Ups

November 6, 2021

We know that an anti-inflammatory diet can help with chronic pain management. It’s just one of the many tools we have in our arsenal of treatment options and other approaches,

chronic pain risk factors

Smoking, Alcohol, & Obesity: 3 Big Risk Factors for Chronic Pain

October 15, 2021

Chronic pain is a complicated, often confusing condition. We are still learning more and more about causes, treatments, and risk factors. But there are three major risk factors we already

chronic pain awareness

Seek Treatment for Chronic Pain During Pain Awareness Month

September 13, 2021

Chronic pain affects as many as 50 million Americans. To raise awareness about this major issue, every September, pain specialists and advocates celebrate what we can do, how we can

back pain

All About Back Pain

August 15, 2021

Over our lifetimes, most of us will experience back pain. It can be caused by many reasons, and typically it gradually improves over time with home treatment and self-care. However,

chronic pain and mental health

Chronic Pain and Mental Health

July 21, 2021

There’s no doubt that we have all experienced pain. In a typical scenario, the injury would heal or you would recover from an illness. The pain would go away. Our