Cheryl Goyne

Cheryl Goyne is a Neurology and Pain Management Doctor at Southside Pain Specialists.

Neurology and Pain Management Doctor in Birmingham, AL

Injury, illness, nerve damage, and surgery are just a few causes of chronic pain. If you have been experiencing pain for an extended period of time and have had no relief with conventional methods of pain management, it may be time to contact a specialist.

Dr. Cheryl Goyne is a neurology and pain management doctor at Southside Pain Specialists, a pain clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. Goyne is qualified to evaluate patients to identify their pain source, then accurately diagnose and treat the condition.

Education and Experience

Dr. Goyne is from New Orleans, Louisiana. She completed her residency in Neurology in 1992 and is board certified in both Neurology and Pain Management. Having been in practice for 28 years, Dr. Goyne has the experience to help patients effectively manage their chronic pain.

At Southside Pain Specialists, our physicians utilize a wide range of therapies and medications to treat pain. Dr. Goyne has experience in interventional therapies and medication management of acute and chronic pain conditions, with emphasis on neurologic and musculoskeletal conditions.

Schedule An Appointment With Dr. Goyne in Birmingham

Pain management doctors do more than help alleviate and manage their patient’s chronic pain. They help patients to increase mobility, improve functionality, and return to a better quality of life.

Dr. Goyne would be happy to assist you in your pain management journey. To schedule an appointment with her at Birmingham’s Southside Pain Specialists, you must first be referred by a physician. You can have your physician complete a referral form, or you may contact us by phone at (205) 881-0127 to discuss your options.