Chronic Pain Information

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is a condition that describes the persistent pain that can last from weeks to years. However, the term is usually applied to persistent pain that lasts more than 12 consecutive weeks and it most commonly impacts people in the 40-60 year age range. Unlike acute pain or the standard pain response, chronic pain is persistent and can arise from several issues. It is hard to pinpoint and is often subjective to the patient.

The cause of chronic pain is as broad as the condition itself. Sprained backs, illnesses, old injuries, or genetic conditions are just some of the common causes reported by chronic pain sufferers. However, chronic pain can do more than just cause discomfort. It can negatively impact sleep cycles, appetite, and it can result in mood changes as well as fatigue in those who have the condition.

Depending on how severe the pain is, many patients end up on disability, dealing with depression, and juggle other serious degradations regarding a patient’s quality of life. Chronic pain is a condition that is both very personal and thankfully it’s also very treatable.


Chronic Pain Management and Treatment

It’s important to note that chronic pain can be effectively treated but very rarely is there a “cure.” This means many people who have chronic pain will have to undergo pain treatments for months, years, or even an indefinite amount of time. As pain is both personal and subjective, it is often hard to find a test that can precisely locate the pain. This means the caregivers at Southside Pain Specialists have to rely on the patient’s description of their pain as well as the type, severity, and location of the pain in question.

Patients often describe their pain as sharp, dull, constant, on and off, burning, aching, or throbbing.  This “pain history” helps pain specialists diagnose the potential causes and best means of combatting the pain.

Southside Pain Specialists provide pain mitigation treatments that are tailored to our patient and the chronic pain conditions they suffer from. Typically, lab testing or imaging is not required. We take pain management and treatment very seriously at Southside Pain Specialists, so please be sure to read our patient forms. We take patients by referral only. We look forward to being able to treat all of our patients’ chronic pain related care needs and aim to provide the best available treatments in Alabama.