What is kyphoplasty?

Kyphoplasty is an outpatient procedure for patients with a collapsed vertebral body caused by weak bones or trauma. Specialists perform the procedure by inserting a large cannula into the vertebrae and then filling the collapsed vertebra with cement to replace the missing or weak bone.

Who is a candidate for kyphoplasty?

To have a kyphoplasty procedure, you MUST have Osteoporosis. Persons who have experienced vertebral compression fractures due to osteoporotic weakening or a traumatic accident are good candidates for the procedure.

What are the benefits?

Kyphoplasty restores density to the vertebral body by filling the cavity with cement, preventing further weakening and pain from the fractures. The procedure can reduce chronic back pain, improve mobility, restore body height, and improve a patient’s overall quality of life.

What can I expect after a kyphoplasty procedure?

Kyphoplasty is an outpatient procedure that takes about 45 minutes. At Southside Pain Specialists, we perform the procedure at our clinic.

We require patients to recover for an hour post-operation and to wear braces for a short time. You may resume normal functions within 48 hours.

What kind of doctor performs kyphoplasty?

Southside Pain Specialists has a team of certified pain management doctors who perform kyphoplasty procedures at our pain management clinic in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Kyphoplasty is one of the top pain management treatments we offer at Southside Pain Specialists, a pain clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. Our providers are board-certified, trained in a variety of pain mitigation techniques, and offer high-quality care.

If you believe you are a good candidate for kyphoplasty, contact Southside Pain Specialists by phone, (205) 900-3927 or via our contact form.

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