Handling Hardships of Your Chronic Pain

June 28, 2016

Chronic pain is unlike many other medical issues in that it can be extremely variable for each individual. Have you tried different treatment options and still have your chronic pain? Southside Pain Specialists have many treatments that are successful at decreasing pain and increasing our patient’s quality of life. With our Spinal stimulation and Kyphoplasty treatments, most patients see a 50% improvement for pain in the affected area for their chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Improvements – Where have our other patients seen improvements?

Difficulty Sleeping Due to Pain

Many of our patients see vast improvements in their ability to sleep after our treatments. This is extremely important as sleep deprivation can lead to many other problems in your life causing a domino effect. Lack of sleep is linked to problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, so this is a priority if your pain is causing you sleeping deprivation.

Depression Induced by Chronic Pain

If you are feeling depressed because of your chronic pain, this is something we see very often. Having pain wears not only on your body, but mental health as well. People experience pain in different ways and we know this at Southside Pain Specialists. With most of our patients feeling physical improvements after our treatments, we see great improvements with depression at the similar rates. We know staying positive can be hard with chronic pain, that’s why we are here to make sure to rid you of chronic pain so you can get back to your life again.

Disuse Syndrome – Lack of Exercise

Chronic pain can often lead to a significant decrease in physical activity and a condition called Disuse Syndrome. This lack of activity can affect your musculoskeletal, psychological, cardiovascular, and neurological processes. With our patient programs we see great improvements with our patient’s physical activity because they don’t feel the debilitating pain they once did that prevented that activity.

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