Southside Pain’s new innovative spinal cord stimulator first in Alabama

February 19, 2021

Dr. Scott Kendrick with Southside Pain Specialists in Birmingham, Alabama, and the team at Boston Scientific (Matt Gossett, Megan Burchfield, and Alex Littleton)

Dr. Scott Kendrick, anesthesiology and pain management doctor with Southside Pain Specialists in Birmingham, Alabama, goes to work every day motivated by the fact that chronic pain is physically debilitating and mentally exhausting – and he is determined to provide solutions. 

Practicing exclusively in pain management since 2002, Dr. Kendrick helps patients ease their chronic pain by specializing in spinal cord stimulatorsSo it’s no surprise that Dr. Kendrick would be the first in the state of Alabama to introduce cutting-edge pain management technology in his continued efforts to bring relief and ease suffering for his patients suffering from chronic pain.

What is this cutting-edge pain management technology?

We’re talking about the new WaveWriter AlphaTM spinal cord stimulator system, engineered by spinal cord stimulator system leaders Boston Scientific. Spinal cord stimulators send mild electrical impulses to disrupt the pain messages sent to the brain. Physicians implant these small devices near the spine to control these impulses. 

Our physicians use spinal stimulation to bring pain relief to patients with failed back surgeries, chronic neck and back pain, and arachnoiditis, a very painful condition that results in inflammation of the layers which protect your spinal nerves. 

Boston Scientific recently released its Alpha version of the WaveWriter, whose predecessor Dr. Kendrick has used for years. 

According to Dr. Kendrick, “The WaveWriter Alpha is an enormous advancement from already cutting-edge spinal stimulation systems produced by Boston Scientific. Their technology is progressing very swiftly, and it’s exciting to see the improvements on these devices coming out so rapidly.”

Dr. Kendrick says that the WaveWriter Alpha puts the control in the patient’s hands, allowing for more personalized pain therapy and better ease of use.  

“It’s going to make a huge difference in patients’ pain levels and on their overall pain management outcomes,” says Dr. Kendrick.

Boston Scientific comes onsite for the first Alabama WaveWriter Alpha procedure

Megan Burchfield, Boston Scientific’s Clinical Specialist, Neuromodulation, came onsite for the first Alabama procedure. She’s been heavily involved in the rapid development of these new technologies for Boston Scientific. 

According to Megan, “With the introduction of Boston Scientific’s new Wavewriter Alpha SCS portfolio, we can offer patients suffering from chronic pain a drug-free therapy option which can be uniquely personalized to provide profound, immediate, and long term pain relief.” 

“Wavewriter Alpha is full-body MRI conditional, allowing for increased imaging options once implanted and offers the most customizable programming options available to date. By working closely with our Boston Scientific representatives such as Dr. Kendrick and Southside Pain Specialists, we can follow patients well after the SCS system is implanted to improve functionality, ensuring long-term success.” 

Drug-free pain management: only the beginning

Dr. Kendrick tells us the first patient in the state of Alabama to receive the Wavewriter Alpha had suffered from chronic neck and arm pain following several failed surgeries. The patient was the perfect candidate for this new system, and the procedure went flawlessly. 

Dr. Kendrick says, “These rapid improvements in chronic pain management are the first of many to come. And as always, Southside Pain Specialists will remain on the cutting edge of technology usage for our patients looking for non-opioid or opioid-reducing pain management solutions.”

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