How Does Spinal Stimulation Work?

October 30, 2017

Living with chronic pain is something no one should have to experience. While general doctors mean well, they often lack the knowledge of those who specialize in pain treatment and management. Spinal stimulation is a treatment to help those suffering from chronic pain. Learn more about the treatment and see how Southside Pain Specialists can help you reduce and manage your pain.

What Is Spinal Stimulation?

Spinal stimulation, also known as neurostimulation, sends mild electrical impulses to disrupt the pain messages sent to the brain. A small device is implanted near the spine to control these impulses.

What Conditions Does Spinal Stimulation Treat?

Spinal stimulation is often used to treat failed back surgery syndrome. Failed back surgery syndrome is a general condition that refers to chronic pain that persists in the back, neck or arm after one or two failed back surgeries.

Spinal cord stimulation is also used to treat several other conditions, such as chronic neck and back pain and arachnoiditis, an extremely painful condition that causes inflammation of the protective layers of the spinal nerves. Complex regional pain syndrome and peripheral neuropathy, a condition that causes burning leg pain as the nerves die off, are also conditions that spinal stimulation can treat.

How to Determine If Spinal Stimulation Is Right for You

Your doctor will assist in determining if spinal stimulation is the proper treatment for the type of pain you’re experiencing. There is often a two-step process used to determine if spinal treatment is warranted. The first step requires a thorough evaluation by your doctor of your medical condition and the location and intensity of the pain you’re experiencing. The next step involves a trial using spinal stimulation to see if it helps significantly reduce or eliminate the pain you’re experiencing.

What Southside Pain Specialists Can Do for You

Southside Pain Specialists is dedicated to treating patients with the best, evidence-based pain treatment options available today. Spinal cord stimulation is one of the treatments used to help reduce chronic pain. The procedure itself takes place in two parts. The first part involves a trial period where you will be able to test out the procedure to see if you have a significant reduction in pain. A 50 percent reduction in pain is considered enough to move forward with a permanent implant. The next step is inserting the permanent implant, which is an outpatient procedure. After the procedure, you will need to refrain from bending, lifting and other strenuous activities for six to eight weeks.